Rogue City Productions: Scotland EPIC

From the incredibly difficult 2020 for all in the event business we founded and are working alongside other board members on Scotland’s Event Producer’s Independent Committee (EPIC). This committee was established as a first line in tackling the problems event producers in Scotland will have to face. The Scottish EPIC committee aim to:

  • Undertake advocacy and lobbying at a national level with government and funding bodies to secure the future of events in Scotland - ensuring our seat at the table

  • Represent the interests, concerns, challenges and ambitions of the event industry (our members) to key decision makers

  • Develop sector-led strategy that will allow the event industry to bounce back from the impacts of Covid-19 while promoting Scotland’s position as a global festival and event leader

  • Holding bi-annual conferences and surveying that will allow us to best represent our members while creating training, professional development and networking opportunities as well as encourage greater collaboration

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